Jaws of Battle iOS - Now Officially Released

After a long period of tweaks and edits, we are thrilled to announce that the iOS version of Dentacare: Jaws of Battle is finally here! You don’t need to worry about missing out on all the fun if you have an iPhone anymore – just press the button and download from the App Store:


Apple app store logo



In the iOS version of the game, you will find all the Android features you have come to know, or about to get acquainted with. Forty-five cards of various quality, five challenging arenas, four epic boss fights, and three brain-training minigames, all coming together to bring you the ultimate dental habit building mobile game.


But that’s not all! Forget about the process of legacy form registration with passwords you may tend to forget. Take advantage of the newly implemented social login functionalities with the Facebook, Google, and Apple login options available. Just tap the button and spring straight into the action:


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With the release of the iOS version, we are making steady progress, bringing the multiplayer features of the game to fruition. Thus, we will be able to deliver a streamlined release for both platforms at the same time, once the development process is complete. Curious to see what is to come? Learn more about the upcoming multiplayer features here:


Jaws of battle multiplayer alpha mail


So now that you know what you will find and what you can expect, are you ready for battle Dentawarrior? Gather your men and enter the arena… Download now:


Apple app store logo


Android user?  Download the game from Google Play here


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