Get to Know Dentaria with the Storyline Comic

Are you looking for a cool way to immerse yourself further into Dentacare: Jaws of Battle? Now you can – take our hand and let us walk you through the world of Dentaria and its dental denizens, with the release of the first storyline comic strip.


Entailing the journey of the characters you all know and love (or will get to) the comic aims to give you a better perspective of how these characters interact with each other and the world around them. What are their roles, goals and challenges? What mortal danger awaits the peaceful Dentarians and how they will overcome it?


These are just a few of the key components that drive the world behind the game, but everyone hates spoilers so let’s not ruin the fun, by revealing everything all at once. 


So without further ado raise the curtains – it’s STORY TIME!

Dentacare comics page 0 cover


Page1 text

FIN (for now)


What happened to the teeth? Who is the evil man with the guitar? Join us next time and find out, as we unfold the story further to reveal more about the threat that looms over this peaceful world.

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