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Say hello to the Dentacare: Jaws of Battle blog, Dentawarriors – a special dedicated pool of resources for the first and only dental card game experience, available for and at your convenience. Ready to dive into the latest buzz surrounding the game development and take further steps to enhance your experience? Take our hand and join us, as we examine in closer detail what you can expect to find in the blog in the near future:



Catch up with the latest news surrounding the development of the game. See popular media mentions, upcoming events, features and more. Stay informed and keep your finger on the pulse with this section.





Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest improvements made to the game. Worried you’re going to miss an important change to the gameplay experience?. Don’t be! Find all the crucial information about newly implemented features and peruse the release notes for every update here.



Dev logDev Log

Curious to hear our thoughts on the development process? Then this is the section for you! Get acquainted with how it all started – from concept drafts, through character designs, all the way to the reasoning behind key decisions made about the course the game is to take.




Those of you who are new to the game, or are always on the lookout for new means of enhancing your strategy, can find all the necessary information here. Learn the ropes with our helpful tutorials, or use our tips & tricks to your tactical advantage. Don’t worry, this doesn’t count as cheating!




Are you interested in immersing yourself more in the world of Dentaria? Now you can with the regularly published storyline comic in its own section on the blog. See how your favourite characters interact with each other and the way the world develops, as the story unfolds. 



Join Us in Conversation

Have some interesting ideas about the development of the game, or just want to say hi to your fellow Dentawarriors? Just hop on to the comment section and share your thoughts. We are always happy to hear your opinions. Feel free to share the buzz with your fellow peers – now easier than ever with just a few taps of the social sharing buttons. 


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